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Tailored Notarials Solutions



You can count on our specially trained professionals to provide you with information, advice and guidance on your administrative and legal matters.


Throughout your life, you will be called upon to make some important decisions that have legal implications, such as getting married or divorced, buying property, starting up a business, and drafting your will.


Let us ease the legal burden so that you can protect what is truly important to you: your family and friends, your quality of life, and your financial security.

Real Estate Law

Family Law

Estate Law

Corporate Law

Wills & Mandates

Non‑Contentious Matters

Expert Notaries


Our team of notaries and legal advisors will offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Ultimately, our mission is to offer you unparalleled service in a professional and comfortable setting.

At Lexium notaires inc., we believe that the relationship between our notaries and our clients are the key to success.