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Real Estate Law



For most of us, the purchase of real estate property is the most important investment we’ll make in our lives. That’s why it’s important to carefully select a solicitor who will understand your needs and offer the best possible advice.


Solicitors at Lexium will support you throughout the transactional process, whether for the sale or the purchase of a property. We will gladly support you and offer counsel throughout the process and not simply at the end of your project. Make the most of our multidisciplinary expertise before you take actions that have serious consequences, like signing an offer to purchase, or let us guide you to avoid any legal or regulatory issues when selecting a property.


Feel free to consult our Information section, which contains specialized articles, guides for sellers and buyers, and links to useful websites.



Commercial transactions present challenges beyond those of real estate law and require varying degrees of expertise in business law. The financing supporting these transactions is also considerably more complex than residential transactions. In that context, it is important to surround yourself competent and experienced professionals.


The multidisciplinary team at Lexium has the knowledge and experience to help you complete these transactions in a safe and efficient way. Furthermore, we have developed a network of collaborators who have earned our trust with the quality and dependability of their work on many prior cases. Should you require services which aren’t offered by Lexium, we will be happy to point you in the direction of professionals who answer to the same standards of excellence as we do.



Quebec law requires that all mortgage contracts, such as those securing a loan to buy a house, be established by notarial deed en minute. That’s one of the many reasons why Quebec notaries (solicitors, in common law jurisdictions) are so essential to the real estate industry. Lexium offers a full range of services related to the establishment of mortgages, including refinancing and private loans.


Lexium is also a registered representative of title insurers First Canadian Title and FNF Canada.

Construction and Land Development


Lexium’s client list features a number of contractors, land developers, municipalities and surveyors. Our solicitors have developed all the expertise required to advise you in matters of construction and land development, including divided co-ownership (condos), specialized servitudes and easements.

Co-ownership (Condos)


Condos are increasingly popular, but divided co-ownership is often misunderstood. A misinformed owner will quickly realize that the applicable legislation creates obligations that may be problematic for him or her in the future. Gathering the relevant information and analyzing it properly is not something most people can manage without guidance. Lexium supervises condo transactions on a very regular basis. We also draft declarations of co-ownership for many of our clients that build condos, which gives us an in-depth understanding of their content. Lexium also consults for condo associations that want to ensure their organization meets all legal requirements without necessarily hiring a professional property manager. Our Information section includes useful links and documentation for members of the public regarding co-ownership.