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Corporate Law

Lexium is one of the most active legal offices in the region with respect to corporate law. Our team includes specialists who work exclusively in this area of law.

Incorporation and Dissolution


Whether you are starting out or shutting it down, Lexium offers the necessary help and support as well as comprehensive services to your business so that you can concentrate on managing it rather than being caught up in legal paperwork.
Incorporating a business requires that you take steps to ensure that the resulting corporation will respect its legal obligations. It is an act that is strictly reserved to the legal professions, and it is illegal for anyone but a barrister or a solicitor to do it for you. We strongly recommend that anyone with a desire to incorporate contact a legal professional before doing so.

Shareholder Agreement


The laws governing business corporations present a generic legal environment that does not provide specific mechanisms for many common situations that leave the shareholders in a delicate or vulnerable position. The shareholder agreement is the most common framework to deal with these situations, such as the death of a shareholder, conflict resolution, determining the fair market value of the business, non-compete agreements and many others.

Partnership Agreement


Incorporation is not a universal solution and there are many other forms a business can take, like the general partnership or the limited partnership. One of our solicitors will be happy to help you determine what form of business best suits your needs and will ensure that it meets legal requirements.

Annual Corporate Service


All businesses must produce one form or another of annual documentation, such as completing certain forms and submitting them to the correct authorities. Lexium offers an annual corporate service in which we take charge of of said documentation so that you can manage your business without worrying about it. This service has been developed specifically to ensure business owners’ peace of mind and includes the deposit of key corporate documents in a vault and the secure transmission of these documents as needed.

Mergers and Acquisitions


Growth is sometimes achieved through the acquisition of competing businesses or by merging with others. Lexium possesses the legal expertise required for the careful auditing and drafting of contracts relative to such operations. Our corporate law team will be happy to guide you in these endeavors.