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Our Notaries

Lexium Solicitors is the result of a merger between “Aubin Laflamme Paquin Notaires” and “Berthel Séguin St-Jacques Notaires”.


It was born out of the partners’ desire to regroup a number of professionals under the same roof, allowing them to specialize and offer the best expertise possible to their clients. Today, this vision continues to define our corporate culture: there is strength in unity and a larger team allows Lexium to offer its clients leading-edge expertise.

Our services are characterized by the fact that we assign each case to the most specifically qualified solicitor available, with the objective of offering the best possible advice to our clients instead of limiting them to the knowledge and expertise of a single legal professional.


We believe our clients deserve to receive their services locally: we do not believe in satellite offices. We offer two fully functional and staffed business locations in Gatineau, in the Hull and Buckingham sectors.



Abandoning the individualism of surnames, we identify ourselves in the same way that we exercise our profession: as a team