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Family Law

Marriage Celebration


Because of their traditional areas of practice, solicitors are a part of many important moments in people’s lives. Marriage is one of these important moments. Before saying I do, it’s important to fully understand the possible ramifications of your wedding, particularly in a modern context where families are all but traditional. Lexium solicitors can officiate at your marriage, but we can also ensure that it will be based on an informed decision.

Marriage Contract


Did you know that married couples do not necessarily all have the same legal obligations between them? While there is a default matrimonial regime, spouses can opt out of it through a notarized marriage contract. Please consult one of our solicitors for more information.

Cohabitation (Common Law) Agreement


Marriage is not for everyone. Many couples live together their whole lives without marrying or involving the church and the state in their household. In the absence of the legal framework that creates a marriage, it is advisable for couples to formally agree on certain aspects of their relationship, such as ownership of certain key family assets should the couple separate or each spouse’s contribution to household expenses. Our family law experts can advise you on these matters.